Feather Meal


Our Feather Meal is cooked and sterilized by using steam pressure cookers with temperatures that reach more than 140°C. This process partially hydrolyzes the proteins, which also denatures them. It is then dried, cooled and ground into a powder. While the nitrogen levels can climb up to 12 percent, the bio-availability of this nitrogen may be low. The Feather Meal can be used in formulated Animal Feed, Pet Food, Aquaculture, and in Organic Fertilizers.

This slow release, organic source of high-nitrogen fertilizer is perfect for organic gardens. This non-synthetic and non-petroleum based organic fertilizer is blended into the soil to start the decomposition and to make the nitrogenous compounds available to plants. It can then help increase green leaf growth, activate compost decomposition and improve soil structure.


Protein 80-83%

Moisture 8-10%

Fat 2.5-3.5%

Product Information Bulletin available for download:

Feather Meal 80%