Boyer Valley company, llc.

Since 1975, Boyer Valley Company (BVC) has processed and distributed pure poultry by-products, including Feather Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Poultry Blood Meal, and Poultry Fat, using environmentally friendly methods. These products serve as essential base ingredients for various industries, including aquaculture, pet food, animal feed, renewable fuels, and organic fertilizer production. BVC has a plant in Arion, Iowa and it's newest, state-of-the-art facility is a joint venture with Dakota Provisions in Huron, South Dakota.


The roots of Lauridsen Group Incorporated (LGI) stretch back to 1916 when it was first established as the Lauridsen Creamery. Founded by Hans Lauridsen, an immigrant from Denmark, the creamery thrived in its initial years, specializing in the sale of butter, eggs, and poultry to the local community. The Lauridsen family's commitment to quality and innovation laid the foundation for what would evolve into a global enterprise.

Over the years, LGI underwent significant transformations, transitioning from a creamery to a multifaceted company under the leadership of successive generations. After Hans Lauridsen, his son Wally assumed the reins, steering the company toward expansion. In 1981, under the visionary leadership of Wally's son, Nixon Lauridsen, LGI made a strategic move into the meat industry and related proteins. This marked the inception of the precursor to LGI, the American Meat Protein Corporation.

Today, LGI stands as a testament to the Lauridsen family's enduring legacy and commitment to excellence. Headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa, near its original creamery in Dedham, Iowa, LGI has grown into a global powerhouse. Christine Lauridsen-Sand, the fourth-generation leader and daughter of Nixon Lauridsen, now holds the position of CEO, guiding the company into the future.

As a privately held company, LGI boasts a presence in over 50 manufacturing and sales locations across 20 countries, with its products reaching markets in more than 60 countries. The Lauridsen family's dedication to the company's growth and success is reflected in the diverse portfolio of LGI, which includes sister companies like Boyer Valley.

Under Christine Lauridsen-Sand's leadership, LGI continues to uphold its commitment to quality, innovation, and global impact. The company remains deeply rooted in its heritage while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape.